Fantastic Far & far-from far away

In these pressing times, where the corona virus is still present in our everyday life, we can use some mental comfort from our loved ones. Of course, there are many technologies such as (video)calling so that we can still talk to the people that we love, and share time with them while being apart, but there are some elements missing. We do not feel like we are actually close to each other as it is still clear you are in separate rooms. There is no immersion into the shared experience with a regular video call. Thus, making it hard to have real intimacy in such a limited digital space. Therefore we asked ourselves: “How can we create the feeling of intimacy in a shared experience, while both participants are not in the same physical environment?”

If you want to find out the answer, make sure to join in our stargazing experience!

You have the possibility to try out our experience on Friday the 26th of June 2020, between 13.45 and 16.30. One practical thing to consider: you need an Android phone to participate (the experience is unfortunately not available for iPhone). You can join us by clicking the following link:

Note: the page will ask you which room you want to join. Please do not choose any room yet, but click ‘close’ on the top. This will lead you to a general room where we will be waiting for you with further instructions.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us at

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