“Please don’t stop the music…”

Through borders of countries and barriers of languages, music serves as a universal language every human being can relate to. Whether it’s Bach, Macklemore, the Beatles or that 10-hour lofi hip hop mix to study to, experiencing music is important to humans. Sadly, the COVID-19 virus that has spread over the world has muted large groups of musicians. From professional orchestras to that group of friends that used to jam in their garage, many can no longer do so due to strict regulations. If only there was a way to make music together…

“Don’t stop me now…”

Enter the Boogie Wonderland with Harmonice! Invite your friends over to join your session or jam along with others. Besides the great music, you gain the full collaborative experience through the deep visuals. Hey now, you’re a rock star, get friends on and go play!

“I wanna rock and roll all night!”

All you need to get started is a windows computer and an android phone (preferably with a gyroscope). You can join or conference right here: https://canvas.utwente.nl/courses/5077/conferences/22579/join

“Call me maybe?”

If you want to contact us because you have any questions, feel free to email: v.c.batenburg@student.utwente.nl

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