During these strange times, you might have encountered the lack of distinction between work and living spaces. Normally, you would probably have to commute: travel from one to the other, which functioned as a transition. In the current situation, this commuting is not present for many people. Therefore, we came up with an experience to bring this transition back into our lives.

This experience is meant to transition you from work to leisure and reversed, by creating a story where you need to walk around your neighborhood, answer questions, figure out weekly mysteries and prepare yourself for work. For the purposes of this app you assume the role of an undercover agent, who is using the app as a way to see mission objectives, receive updates during patrols and to keep track of the overall mission status.

What you will need for the experience:

  • An android phone (Android version ≥ 8.0)
  • (preferably non-noise canceling) headphones
  • Ability to go outside (+ good weather if possible)

You will be able to try our experience on Friday 26th of June, from 13:30 – 16:45. If you want to participate in our experience, please sign and hand in the consent form which can be found on the exhibition page. After handing in the consent form, you can drop by our conference to start the experience.

After the exhibition, the app apk will be available here.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems, please send it to boss.spydar@gmail.com, we are happy to help or answer!

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