Several of my projects have appeared in news papers (AD, Telegraaf), TV-shows (RTV-oost News en Uit de Kunst), the national news (NOS) or radio broadcasts (Radio 1 EénVandaag). I have placed some of these items below. If you are preparing a press release and would like to include my feedback, insights, or opinion on the matter at hand, please send me an email.

Interview with OCW about quality funding in our education

Together with Daniel Davison we talk about the origins of our students’ requests and impact of the funding on our education and the team around it; as well as the students role and voice in getting the I-Tech Lab into existence, November 2021

Covering the stories of the dead at the park cemetery.

UToday as well as the Tubantia had a nice coverage of our demo day of interactive installation from the then called Designing Interactive Experiences course. Students made installations to get people interested to visit this calm park just outside the city center in various forms and shapes.

One of the concepts which used Augmented Reality with location recognition was/is in progress of being worked out by a developer who studies/studied at Creative Technology. 1Twente was covering the opening accompanying this idea, thanks funding of Stichting Historische Sociëteit Enschede Lonneker, Rabobank and the Stichting Historische Sociëteit Enschede Lonneker,,

June 2019- Jan 2021

Our Interactive playground installation at Enschede’s MST Hospital

Monique Tabak extended her AirPlay project towards embedding our interactive playground. Together we Randy Klaassen we installed a working version for several years at the MST. We also ran several pilots about educational purposes and self management.

UToday made a very nice summary of the opening and idea behind the playground at the hospital in Enschede:

ICT& Health made a nice overview article of how this led to a follow-up at Roessingh.

Other outlets:
– The website shows how the groups worked together in an interview with pediatrician Boony Thio

July 2017- Jan 2019

StarBot follow-up in practice at “art gallery”

Sometimes our interest and work actually gets to be taken up or functions as inspiration. We talked about and trialed the Double at Tetem in regards of the StarBot project. See what Tetem managed to do with this afterwards in this very nice interview with project manager Ella Buzo, March 2020 (our main contributions around 2015)

The Power of Play

A short and insightful summary and interview about the symposium and my thesis work in the UToday magazine., March 2017

Tikkertje 2.0 themed towards “Zij was eens” at RTV Oost

Tetem’s Ella Buzo does an interview with regional news station RTV Oost about the exhibition “Zij was eens”, I explain the interactive playground that was part of this at 4.43-5.20. March 2015

Tikkertje 2.0 at the COMMIT/ demo beurs at AT5

Amsterdam’s news stations reporting a golden demo Tikkertje 2.0 at the Big Future of Data-event at TrouwAmsterdam.

Het Nieuwe Tikkertje @1Vandaag (the new game of Tag)

A small report of the Tag Game 2.0 on the Dutch national radio. Dennis Reidsma is presenting the game to the children, and former colleague Ronald Poppe is explaining how the loop of measuring behavior to finally steering behavior can be closed.

GREAT, the Gait Rehabilitation Floor in national news

The movie on the left is about the some of the games on the floor. The news item itself is off course in Dutch. We got our own GREAT floor from LedGo at the DesignLab now. With it we hope to speed up the process of developing new games for the floor and this recently made it to the national news.  The NOS news item starts at 12m 24 seconds

UTNieuws excerpt:
Hightech looptherapie op videovloer UT en LedGo installeren vloer op 5 april in DesignLab!/2016/4/499120/hightech-looptherapie-op-videovloer

Other dissemination of knowledge to the wider public

Besides the media outlets various (invited) talks and sessions were joined to discuss and showcase possibilities of the technologies, prototypes, and knowledge generated; as well as sharing future visions:

– Mañana Mañana – 17th and 18th of June 2017 – StarBot (Skype on wheels) and Playful Embodied Learning –
– TedX talk with Merijn Bruijnes
– Social Robotics Pop-up Lab, a demonstration and discussion on capabilities of telepresence robots, 8 September 2015,
– Connecting the dots, a demonstration and discussion on capabilities of telepresence robots -30 January 2015 RLI
– NRC Live – Impact Robotisering: including lengthy Q&A with House of Representative member on societal and legal issues of telepresences and novel technology in general.
– ICTOpen 2016 – Poster & Flash Presentation Starbot (SIKS track)