Several of my projects have appeared in news papers (AD, Telegraaf), TV-shows (RTV-oost News en Uit de Kunst), the national news (NOS) or radio broadcasts (Radio 1 EénVandaag). I have placed some of these items below. If you are preparing a press release and would like to include my feedback, insights, or opinion on the matter at hand, please send me an email.

GREAT, the Gait Rehabilitation Floor in national news

The movie on the left is about the some of the games on the floor. The news item itself is off course in Dutch. We got our own GREAT floor from LedGo at the DesignLab now. With it we hope to speed up the process of developing new games for the floor and this recently made it to the national news.  The NOS news item starts at 12m 24 seconds

UTNieuws excerpt:
Hightech looptherapie op videovloer UT en LedGo installeren vloer op 5 april in DesignLab!/2016/4/499120/hightech-looptherapie-op-videovloer