As an Assistant Professor, I am combining research, organizational, and teaching. I am in a very happy position to have a “permanent” contract (without tenure track) at the well-known cutting edge Human Media Interaction research group.

More info about my exact educational activities is also under the educational activities in the About page. However, this is also a nice place to share a few of the things that come out of these project.

During our courses students have come up with several interesting ideas. This page contains some links and images of student projects  created during courses I have given. I had little influence on their creation (not a tutor or only limited investments made etc.), unlike the projects under showcases. The projects here do deserve a collective spot on the internet where people can glance at several nice examples at once and perhaps come in contact with promising students or continue their work.

Bachelor project CreaTe, including unpublished not followed-up: WIP/TBD
Game Design 2016: Unity game Results
Interactive Media Project Unity game results: 2019,2020
Designing real Interactive virtual Experiences: 2020.