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PhD, Assistant Professor, CHI, BCSS workshop @PT

So a lot happened since the last update. In pictures that looks something like this:

IMG-20170325-WA0005IMG-20170323-WA0003 CHI Presentation

Obtained a PhD on my thesis (Steering) Interactive Play Behavior [or smaller pdf]. We had a very nice SIKS symposium, that I organized to follow up my PhD defense. I presented my first full paper at CHI (one of the most important conferences in my field). I co-organized a worskhop at Persuasive Technology.  I finally had time to work on and submit three journal papers. I also worked hard on my personal grant proposals, for an attempt to work on balancing exergames and joining the exertion games lab at RMIT for a year, fingers crossed. In the mean time, it is already fall 2017 and our new New Media modules started, looking forward to the interactive experiences.


Course Game Design 2016

We just finished this year’s course on Game Design at the University of Twente for the bachelor Creative Technology. It was the first time I was responsible for this course and I liked working on it very much, and fortunately the students also responded quite positive. The course was formed around some of the topics of Jesse Schell’s book on Game Design. In total the workload was only 4EC so we couldn’t cover all the basics unfortunately. As one part of the course the students created a “2D” game in Unity, either as 1 player game or allowing only for “multiplayer” on one keyboard.

The students created quite some nice games in Unity for the final project of this course. In total we had over 70 students working on games, mostly in duos.
Some games really turned out well, so enjoy playing them and feel free to contact those gifted fresh game designers to continue their work!

student1 student2 name of game type of game url Rating voor op website
Chulakit Dumnoenchanvanit Christiaan Verloop White house defense tower defense
Samantha Galvez Denise van Ingen Lazy Pixel nostaligic arcade
Ruben Brouwer Rachelle Kraal Endless kNight endless runner
Linde van de Elzen Jaimy de Kok temple escape maze
Max van Ijsselmuiden Justin Krooneman tank run “space” shooter
Jiska Chang Sarah Hoekstra minotaurus maze
Cis Sanderink Jordi Weldink knight game  platform game
Corjan van den brink Kaj Hobey Tanks and Turrets tank battle
Kaixin Chen Dominque Kosters Plank Attack arcade
Vladyslav Khomenko Karsten Dietvorst Spike Attack space “shooter”
Jordi Agricola Bas van ‘t Spijker Flying Fox platform “copied” fox game
Quinton Denman Thijs van Vliet Four flowers maze
Max van de Vugt Roof Jumper endless runner
Remco de Man Jesse Zwienenberg Upwards Gravity < you name it >
Bas van den Borg Camille Gruter True Deflection arcade / shooter /knive
Jasper Peetsma Silas Wittrock BallDrop ball rolling
Mayke Klumper Yanick Brezet Ships of War tanks / battleship
Arnold Averink Mini Vilago (city-)building
Floor Visser Thijs Berends Pumpkin Conquer maze
David Bel Lang Florian Naumilkat SpeedForce
Tom Morsink Rebel Droid space-shooter/tutorial-like
Melcher Stikkelorum Lukas Miedema Bacterium ?arcade? <you name it>
Anne-Joke Wijsmuller Aniek Colijn Museum Escape maze (a bit tutorial-like)
Sondre Løvhaug Hargobind Wester Spinny Spin (inversed) bubble shooter
Florian Fikkert Sander de Koning That’s my flower (humoristic) shooter
Paulius Gagelas Niels van Huizen Village Defence tower defense
Matthias Cordes Mircea Costan Parking Game “race” game
Zoë Bosschaart Phillipe Tuinman Student Loss platform
Mark van Doessum Tim Blok The colour is magic 2 player arena spell shooter
Alexandros Charizanis Enyo Ahovi Pixel Tower Defense
Luca Battistella Pepijn Peeters Infinity Ball endless runner
Nikita Vaneev Artemis Lyou Agonas platform (greek)
Sefora Tunç Betina Markova Royal Chef collection / narrative
Wessel Ammerlaan Thérèse Bergsma Hot Air co-op endless “flyer”
Mark Kenny Williams Adomas Pivoriunas Space War space shooter (tutorial-like)

Google’s animal realm

HorseWhat a simple question, what does an animal say, don’t we all remember such things? I recently bumped into this feature of Google and that made me quite happy. From the perfect suggestions, the appropriate audio quality, the large buttons, the educational link to a small cartoon picture and the name of the animal: Awesome…







GREAT, the Gait Rehabilitation Floor in national news

The movie on the left is about the some of the games on the floor. The news item itself is off course in Dutch. We got our own GREAT floor from LedGo at the DesignLab now. With it we hope to speed up the process of developing new games for the floor and this recently made it to the national news.

The NOS news item starts at 12m 24 seconds


UTNieuws excerpt:
Hightech looptherapie op videovloer UT en LedGo installeren vloer op 5 april in DesignLab!/2016/4/499120/hightech-looptherapie-op-videovloer



Submitted first draft for thesis

ITPAfter almost five years and being involved in 4 research projects, it was finally time: 100.000+ words of `dazzling brilliance’. It will have 12 Chapters, following an introduction this is spread over four parts:  I) Steering Behavior in Interactive Play Spaces, II) Play for People with Profound Disabilities, III) Play for Gait Rehabilitation, and IV) Conclusion.